Product Ideas

We encourage community members to submit ideas for new features and product enhancements, and to weigh in via voting and commentary to indicate an idea's importance to their business processes. Our product team periodically reviews submitted items to update status and provide official comments. Your contributions here can directly influence our development priorities. We appreciate your time, energy, and ideas - you are the drive behind our business innovations!

Some tips to get the most out of your time here:

  • Before creating an idea, use the "Search" feature to see if it has already been submitted. To create an idea, click the "Add" button at the top of the ideation widget below.
  • When creating an idea, be as detailed as possible in your title and description (include what process issue the idea solves or what benefit it provides)
  • All ideas must be assigned a category.
  • If you like an idea, be sure to vote! Ideas with a higher score are more likely to be considered or prioritized for development.

Status Guide

This idea is new to the community and hasn’t yet been reviewed by our product team. Your votes and comments are important!
We have determined this idea to be unfeasible to implement at this time, and it is closed for voting and comments.
An identical or very similar idea was submitted prior to this one. We have included a comment linking to the original idea so all voting and feedback can be collected in one place. Duplicate ideas are closed for comment and voting.
Great news - our product team has approved this idea for development. Ideas in this status are still open for voting and comments, which may influence their scheduling priority.
Need More Info
We are looking for clarification on this idea, or additional information on use cases within our customers' business processes. We encourage further voting, feedback, and insight.
This Accepted idea has been scheduled for development and, subject to programming and QA testing, will be delivered to our customers soon. Ideas in this status are closed for voting and comments.
Under Review
We have all the info we need and are currently considering this idea. These ideas are still open to voting and comments.
This idea has become a feature or enhancement in our products, and you can enjoy it in the provided release number. Ideas in this status are closed for voting and comments.

Product Ideas

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